Returning at Last!

I’ve been away from WordPress for many months, due to a flare in my neurological disease. 

Finally getting back online and accessing my blog page is an odd sensation – I even had to get a new password – and nothing looks familiar.   Hopefully, I’ll be able to post more regularly once my physicians get my “medication cocktail” adjusted.

Everywhere I look, people are rushing madly to prepare for the holiday season. But I haven’t even started.  I’m usually shopping by mid-summer, tucking gifts away in my bureau for months until it’s time to wrap them up. Not this year.

So many people are depressed over the election and don’t have their usual holiday good cheer. I wonder if we (as a nation) will be able to move past this gloom.  I think we may have to make a deliberate effort together to do so.

We’ll have to decide that this election is not going to be the end of our nation, or have the ability to depress us for the next four years. No matter how tired or discouraged we may be, we’ll have to find the energy within ourselves to keep fighting to defend our Constitution and the rights/ideals we hold dear – for all of us, not just the privileged.

It’s incredibly difficult, but too important – we can’t surrender our ethics now.